I drove from upstate NY to south FL in my Jeep XJ. It has all of two of these things. The manual and the hatch. Honestly, I don't mind the lack of any of these things with the EXCEPTION OF CRUISE CONTROL OMG THAT WAS TERRIBLE. The clutch is extremely stiff which made the traffic in the DC area simply horrid. » 8/07/14 12:52pm 8/07/14 12:52pm

Jeep Cherokee XJ! Why? I know from first hand experience. Mine has the HO 4.0 with a 5MT. The only work it's ever had was a new CPS. Never dies, gets out of its own way but isn't "fast" and the MT is exceedingly forgiving. Not to mention the plenty of trail outings with the friends who had the GTi or E46 wishing they… » 7/16/14 12:20pm 7/16/14 12:20pm

learned how to drive on my grandfathers (now my) 2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ 5MT. That thing was such a champ! Through the ground gears, stalled starts, and constant jolting, I learned the art of driving. Not to mention my experiments with it in part time and turning. I will always choose to drive that car over our others… » 6/17/14 11:41pm 6/17/14 11:41pm

I don't think VAG would be too worried about competing inside mainly because they already are. The Audi Q7 certainly competes with the Cayenne and (in Europe anyway) the Touareg. Same will go for up end Q5 and the Macan. Even the R8 is cross shopped with Lamborghini Gallardo and potentially the 911. » 12/20/13 6:14pm 12/20/13 6:14pm